Technology transfer and knowledge exchange within Chile – training: January 2015, Oxford, UK

A bespoke 5-day training course will be held in Oxford in January 2015. The principle behind this course is to offer material that is most directly relevant to participants from Chile, providing insight into the ‘best practices’ in technology transfer.

The overall objectives of the programme are to:

  • develop an understanding of the elements of the innovation ecosystem required to achieve successful technology transfer
  • develop knowledge and skills to enable successful technology transfer activities – including invention evaluation, academic consulting, intellectual property strategy, negotiation and raising finance
  • explore methods for determining markets for new innovations, by marketing, networking and establishing dialogue with potential licenses
  • understand models of commercialisation including how to structure agreements and negotiate licenses, starting new companies, and international collaborations


Day 1


  • An introduction to academic consulting
  • Oxford University Consulting
  • Idea capture: internal marketing
  • Idea capture: assessing intellectual property
  • Technology transfer project management

Day 2


  • Exploring patents and other intellectual property
  • International patent strategy
  • Project evaluation process
  • Exercise: technology triage

Day 3


  • Proof of concept funding
  • Writing marketing profiles, Market research skills, Identifying customers through research
  • Exercise: international marketing case study
  • Licensing definition and process: license agreements, ownership and revenue sharing
  • Exercise: a real example of a licensing agreement

Day 4


  • Exercise: licensing case studies
  • Valuation: approaches to valuing technologies, and their pro’s and con’s
  • Negotiation: how to conduct a licence negotiation
  • Exercise: negotiation (practical exercise in negotiating a technology license)

Day 5


  • Introduction to spin-outs: the Isis spin-out process – an overview of the processes Isis uses to develop a spin-out
  • Exercise: evaluating a spin-out (practical exercise on evaluating spin-out opportunities). Case studies: Oxford YASA Motors and Kepler Energy
  • Developing a business plan: the process and questions to address
  • People: the central role of the team in a spin-out
  • Exercise: identifying a CEO
  • Raising investment

The 5-day workshop will take place in Oxford, United Kingdom, during late January 2015. Please email to register your interest.


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