Dr Ingmar Posner

Ingmar Posner is a University Lecturer in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and co-lead of the Mobile Robotics Group (MRG).

Ingmar’s research focuses on the application of machine learning techniques to emerging mobile robotics tasks such as semantic mapping, active exploration and life-long learning.

Mobile robotics presents an exciting and unconventional domain for machine learning applications since the data typically gathered by a mobile robot differ significantly from that of other, more typical application areas. They often originate from a combination of different modalities sensing spatially and temporarily contiguous workspaces.

Expert labelling of a limited amount of new data can be obtained by way of human-machine interaction. New data can be acquired on demand.

The requirements imposed on machine learning methods in mobile robotics are similarly particular – methods are desirable which are able to process and, if necessary, assimilate new data online and in real-time.

The algorithms should be able to exploit the sequential nature of the data and be able to provide accurate measures of confidence to enable robust action-selection.

A particular concern in current work for Dr Ingmar Posner is the extraction of ‘higher-order’ semantic information from sensor data to facilitate the closure of the action-perception loop in semantic mapping and thus enable robotic decision-making, planning and exploration in the context of autonomous transport.



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