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  • Does the management of your health outcome measure(s) (COA) take up too much of your time?
  • Do you struggle to keep track of users, permissions granted, licensees, translations, platforms and unauthorised / improper use of your COA?
  • Is your COA having difficulty reaching a wider audience and being adopted globally?
  • Do you wish you could easily report on the impact of your COA for your own purposes and for those of stakeholders such as funders?


The Clinical Outcomes team provides a dedicated, professional management service for your COA instruments built on over 16 years of experience.

From expertise to assist with COA development, through experienced management of all aspects of the licensing process, to comprehensive creative marketing – we work to ensure that your COA reaches the widest possible audience in a controlled manner.

We work with developers to agree the licensing structure they are keen to use with users, for example, free of charge for non-commercial, publicly funded healthcare and academia. We can advise on many other aspects of COA management to ensure your COA is managed in the way you want it to be:-

  • Confirming – copyright and who owns the COA you’ve developed
  • Protecting – ensuring your COA is properly licensed to users and improper use is challenged. Ensuring your validated paper and pen completion COA is faithfully migrated to digital delivery to have confidence equivalent results are being acquired between alternative modes of deployment.
  • Collating – translations that have been created previously into a single library, available for others to use, accompanied by information on the methods used to create those translations
  • Enhancing – the quality of your translation library
  • Supporting  – how to support users with user guides, manuals or other support materials to encourage proper use

If you would like to discuss these or any other services in support of your COA instruments, then please do contact us.

“Being owned by a 900 year old University, with a global reputation for the excellence of its research and teaching, has a profound influence on how we conduct our business at Clinical Outcomes. The close association with Oxford benefits our associates and clients, as the Clinical Outcomes team strives to honour the reputation and standing of the University by delivering the best quality products and services available.” – Dr. David Churchman, Clinical Outcomes Business Manager (June, 2020)


Professor Crispin Jenkinson,

University of Oxford,

Nuffield Department of Population Health

‘Clinical Outcomes not only show professional business acumen, but have a good understanding for, and respect of, the subtleties and science behind the best practises in Patient Reported Outcomes’

Professor Georgina Jones,

co-developer of the Endometriosis Health Profile (EHP)

‘As PRO developers, our expertise is in designing, testing and developing a robust PRO. The Clinical Outcomes expertise extends to managing PROs professionally; taking administrative, legal, and marketing responsibility and working with us to make our PRO the most widely used and regarded condition-specific measure. They have taken away all of the hassle of managing our PRO, and offer regular updates of licensing success. Outcomes really support us and are an asset to academic developers who don’t have necessary business and marketing skills. Without the Outcomes team, I am sure that the EHP would not have been or continue to be so successful or widely adopted’

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