Workshops & Events

We run a large number of diverse workshops and presentations covering everything from Minimum-Viable-Product to Accounting Basics. Some examples:

“Partnerships & Pivots” (Adrian Black, founder & CEO, Contego)

“trademarks from a start-up perspective” (Zeev Fisher, Managing Director, FreshIP)

Open Source software basics (OSS Watch)

Social Media strategy and execution (More Machine Digital)

Software Intellectual Property (incubator staff)

Valuation and Shareholders Agreements (incubator staff)

Licensing Fundamentals (incubator staff)

James Cowper Kreston: Startup to Exit from an accounting perspective

The journey from idea to exit (Steve Moyle, Sco-founder and CTO, Secerno):

Marketing Canvass workshop (Ben Mumby-Croft)

6 critical design success factors (Design Council)

Business Canvass workshop (incubator staff)


We also run a full day workshop a full day workshop examining the financial and legal aspects of being a director in a private company and showcase events for incubated ventures such as this one.


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