Flexible, multiple-layer thin-film thermoelectric generator

Image from Licence Details: Flexible, multiple-layer thin-film thermoelectric generator

Applications: Power source for wearables, portable electronics; alternative to lithium ion batteries.

Features Benefits
  • Thin film layers on polymer substrates.
  • Mechanically flexible devices.
  • High-throughput processing e.g. roll to roll = ease of scale-up & reduced manufacture costs.
  • Demonstrated thin film deposition of all layers on moving flexible substrates.
  • Stacked thin layers increase “area” of semiconductor material in device
  • Increased power output.
  • No increase to device footprint.
  • Wider range of semiconductor materials can be used.
  • Each semiconductor is mechanically and electrically isolated.
  • Device remains flexible & robust to bending.
  • Low leakage between layers.
  • Demonstrated mechanical resilience aided by polymer interlayers.
Each layer can be connected with different electrode arrangements.
  • Tailor TEG power outputs to the device – V & I independently.
  • Demonstrated 0.26nW power generated with 5 layers – with very thin layers used, 1000s of layers could be stacked.


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