Optimising exosome loading and targeting ability using transmembrane protein

Image from Licence Details: Optimising exosome loading and targeting ability using transmembrane protein

Applications: Targeted drug delivery

A single-pass EV transmembrane protein used to improve extracellular vesicle/exosome loading and cell targeting. The membrane topology enables simultaneous loading of protein cargos in the exosome lumen, and attachment of a targeting moiety on the exosome surface. It exhibits intrinsic cleavage potential, enabling the release of the cargo protein into recipient cells.


Features Benefits
  • Single spanning transmembrane protein
  • Guarantee cargo protein and target moiety are in same vesicle
  • No additional protein scaffold required
  • Ensures accuracy when targeting
  • Small transmembrane protein, only 180 amino acids
  • Similar or improved loading capacity than CD63 and PTGFRN
  • Higher delivery efficiency than CD63
  • Protein is of human origin
  • Prevents immune responses to the technology
  • Cells naturally take up exosomes from their surroundings
  • Potential for use in loading exosomes with protein cargos, ribonucleoprotein complexes (e.g.AGO2/siRNA, Cas9/sgRNA)
  • Efficient and simple method
  • Reduces time and labour costs


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