Peptide monolayer to improve electrochemical sensing

Image from Licence Details: Peptide monolayer to improve electrochemical sensing

Applications: Electrochemical sensing, molecule detection, molecule quantification, electrochemical impendence spectroscopy, EIS


Features Benefits
  • An electrode for use in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for sensing of a target species and methods of using this
  • Allows for low limits of detection while not compromising high sensitivity and selectivity to the target
  • Electrode is covered with a peptide monolayer, where one end consists of a redox active species and a receptor that binds the target species
  • This method is label free and only requires a simple single step method
  • Uses a peptide-based receptive surface rather than other monolayers previously used
  • Can be used in complex biological environments and the peptide is easy to produce with current methods


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