EPO-Tg (SV40T/Epo) 134.3LCPjr Mouse Model

Strain: EpoTg (SV40T/Epo) 134.3LCPjr,

Gene: Epo,

Background: (C57BL/10 x CBA)F1 X CFLP

This mouse incorporates a transgene containing the wild-type allele of the SV40 large T antigen (TAg) gene fused to the mouse Epo gene isolated from a BALB/c library. In this founder line, a single copy of the transgene replaced one copy of the endogenous Epo gene. This recombination event was confirmed by restriction digest mapping and Southern blotting. Sv40 T antigen was detected in the interstitial cells of the kidney. Epo transgene expression in the kidney is reduced compared to endogenous Epo gene expression as determined by RNAse protection assay.

Identification of the renal erythropoietin-producing cells using transgenic mice. Maxwell PH, Osmond MK, Pugh CW, Heryet A, Nicholls LG, Tan CC, Doe BG, Ferguson DJ, Johnson MH, Ratcliffe PJ. Kidney Int. 1993 Nov;44(5):1149-62.


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