Enhanced test for Alzheimer’s risk from Cytox

23rd May 2018

Oxford University spinout Cytox has announced an extension of its test for assessing the genetic risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Working in collaboration with integrated genomics and genetics leader AKESOgen, the Cytox genoBAR™ test now includes saliva samples in addition to blood samples and biobanked DNA.

Dr Richard Pither, CEO of Cytox, said “Our customers in pharma and biotech now have the ability to collect larger numbers of samples in a highly efficient and non-invasive way, opening the doors to the cost-effective screening of tens to hundreds of thousands of prospective clinical study participants, or still larger population networks associated with regional healthcare centres or national dementia programmes.”

Cytox, a precision medicine testing company, was spunout from the Clinical Neurology Department of the Welcome Institute of Molecular Medicine in 2006.

Further information is on Cytox’ website.

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