New business support network for local businesses and startups

31st March 2016

Oxford businesses who wish to share their expertise and resources now have a network through which to engage with entrepreneurs and new Oxford startup ventures. The network is managed and run by the University’s Isis Startup Incubator.

The first member of this network is Summertown-based creative design agency One Ltd. One will run several sessions themed as a competition during the Startup Incubator summer accelerator programme. They also plan to award a prize of several studio days to one venture and hold design surgery sessions for startups throughout the programme.

Roy Azoulay, who heads up the Isis Startup Incubator said: “We often encourage the startups we support to think global from day one. But while doing this, they can also benefit from the diverse set of skills and expertise available in such abundance in the Oxfordshire area. For local businesses who are interested in engaging with our members, we’d like to encourage them to contribute to the startup ecosystem by working with us through the Oxford Startup Support Network.”

Ben Mumby-Croft of One said: “We’re delighted to have this opportunity to work with the Isis Startup Incubator and support some of the amazing entrepreneurial talent coming through Oxford University. There’s a real buzz around the Oxford startup scene at the moment and, through this collaboration, we’re committed to doing our bit to help the local ecosystem thrive and grow.”

Oxford Startup Support Network members will commit to offering several workshops or events for startups throughout the year. They will have the opportunity to provide services and support that is relevant and useful for startups.

They will also have the chance to engage with some of Oxford’s most exciting new businesses, for which they’ll gain recognition on social media, events, press releases and other platforms.

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