The Oxford Depression Questionnaire (ODQ) Japanese translation now available!

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28th July 2021

The Oxford Depression Questionnaire (ODQ) is a patient-centred, self-report measure of emotional symptoms present in patients treated with antidepressants. The ODQ is a 26-item patient self-complete measure, spread over 3 sections and covering 4 dimensions (derived from qualitative research) of:

·       not caring (NC),

·       emotional detachment (ED),

·       positive reduction (PR)

·       general reduction (GR)

To date the ODQ has been used in both academic research and pharmaceutical research across the world thanks to the fact that the existing versions make it available for use in 10 countries outside the United Kingdom.

We are happy to announce that the instrument has now been through a full Translation Linguistic Validation and translated into Japanese for Japan, as well.  Lundbeck Japan, who also commissioned the translation, will be making information around the ODQ available through their ‘Progress in Mind Japan Resource Centre‘. We are confident this will allow further adoption of the ODQ in routine healthcare for psychiatry and mental health across Japan.

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