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OSEM has three main roles:

  • Strategic: identifying opportunities to optimise the return on the University’s investment and provide professional assistance to companies as they develop
  • Tactical: supporting companies by dealing with immediate or short-term issues such as funding or access to other support networks
  • Procedural: dealing with documentation relating to consents, fund-raising and exits

In fulfilling this role, OSEM calls on its own expertise, its extensive networks of contacts in the financial, commercial and scientific worlds and its own investment fund which it manages on behalf of the University of Oxford.Our portfolio comprises of 84 companies, following the sale of NaturalMotion in February 2014 the portfolio is currently valued at over £80 million (December 2016).

We are keen to speak to investors who have an interest in what we do.

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Recent Internal and Guest Presentations

Overview of OSEM and its Portfolio (PDF 2,700 KB)

OSEM Conference 2013 Presentation

Chris Saunders “The Benefits and Pitfalls of Strategic Investors” – OSEM Conference 23/09/2013 (PDF 567KB)

OSEM Conference 2012 Presentation

Kate Bingham “Venture Capital Perspective ” – OSEM Conference 11/09/2012 (PDF 1.078KB)

OSEM Conference 2010 Presentation

Paul Drayson “Being an Entrepreneur” – OSEM Conference 20/09/10 (PDF 753 KB)


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