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Advice and Mentoring

Whether it's Oxford University Innovation's expertise about Intellectual Property, new venture creation, investment raising and/or technology marketing, we aim to use it for the benefit of the incubated ventures we support. This includes:

  • General commercial and strategic advice
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Workshops & Events

We run a large number of diverse workshops and presentations covering everything from Minimum-Viable-Product to Accounting Basics. Some examples: “Partnerships & Pivots” (Adrian Black, founder & CEO, Contego) “trademarks from a start-up persp...

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Third Party Providers

We facilitate services from a large number of service providers with whom we have a long working history to ensure high-quality services at competitive prices to incubated ventures:

Pre-Incorporation Trading

In order to allow incubator ventures to focus on building a minimum viable product and achieve initial commercial traction, rather than focusing on the overheads associated with incorporating and running a limited company, the Startup Incubator can allow ventures to operate in a 'pre-incorporated' m...

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Funding Support


  • Access to Oxford Angels Network events with the opportunity to present on stage pending approval of an Oxford University Innovation Seed Investment Manager  (no fee required)
  • Access to a wider Oxford University Innovation investment network on a per-case basis
  • ...

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We maintain both 24/7 on-site working space and flexible working space in London though our partnership with London City University On-site Facilities 

  • 24/7 shared workspace
    • Phone line and University grade web connection in every workstation
    • S...

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Company Documentation

Basic initial documentation is made available to incubated ventures (where needed additional 3rd party legal advice is facilitated):

  • Board Minutes
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Internship Template
  •  Employment Contract
  • Website Documents


We've partnered with three cloud computing service providers to offer incubated ventures these benefits:

Brand & Marketing

  • Support from the Oxford University Innovation marketing team, in particular around strategy and execution of publishing an effective press release
  • Introduction to sector-specific journalists and coverage in articles featuring the Startup Incubator
  • Ventures are f...

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