Biological Sample Preparation

Microwave digestion facility for trace metal analysis in organic rich sample matrices.

This facility is ideal for sample preparation of organic rich samples prior to analysis by ICP-MS. Pre-digestion provides improved sensitivity and reproducibility of concentration analysis, and can increase sample through-put. Microwave digestion is essential for efficient and complete breakdown of organic and biological matrices prior to trace metal ion exchange chromatography. Samples can either be prepared for users for their own separation methods, or processed in-house in the Earth Sciences Clean Suite Laboratory.

Biological Sample Preparation Specialist capabilities

Sample analysis for:

  • biological and medical samples
  • cell and protein samples <50mg
  • concentration determination of trace metals
  • stable isotope tracer studies
  • low background and limited concentration work


  • MARS 6 High pressure microwave
  • Anton Paar Multiwave microwave (HF compatible)
  • laminar flow hood and fume hood for sample preparation

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