Materials characterisation

Image from Technical Showcase: Materials characterisation

Oxford Materials Characterisation Services (OMCS) offers a unique service for the investigation of materials and materials related problems.

OMCS uses their expert knowledge and extensive facilities to support clients in a variety of ways including:

  • full structural and compositional materials characterisation service

  • provision of data only

  • routine quality control analysis

  • consultancy

  • training – including ‘self drive analysis’ where clients are trained on OMCS equipment to analyse their own samples and company training where clients can upskill their staff on specific equipment to use it more effectively

Industry sectors that have found OMCS as a useful resource include automotive and aerospace, coatings, forensics, medical devices, electronics, geology, and archaeology.

Examples of facilities available include:

  • optical microscopy

  • optical spectroscopy (UV/visible/NIR, imaging FTIR, imaging Raman)

  • profilometry (optical, contact stylus)

  • AFM and STM

  • micro and nano mechanical measurements

  • thermal analysis (TGA, H-DSC, microcalorimetry)

  • BET surface area determination

  • particle sizing and zeta potential measurements

  • electron microscopy and microanalysis

  • surface analysis (XPS)

  • SIMS imaging and depth profiling

  • X-ray diffraction

  • thin film and bulk XRF

  • comprehensive range of sample preparation facilities, including wet/dry processing, FIB, etc

  • materials processing facilities

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