The Central Proteomics Facility (CPF) provides proteomics and mass spectrometry expertise and services to both academic and commercial clients.

Help for characterising proteins

If you are working with proteins, the CPF can help you characterise them.

They can use proteomics to:

  • identify a single protein to several thousand proteins

  • tell you which proteins are in a complex with your protein of interest

  • identify and quantify posttranslational modifications

  • quantify the difference in protein expression between two or more states

  • check the molecular weight of your protein


The facility has extensive experience in:

  • protein identification

  • protein-protein interaction analysis

  • protein quantitation (using SILAC, iTRAQ and label free approaches)

  • protein post-translational modification characterization (phosphorylation, methylation, ubiquitination etc)

  • biomarker identification

Recent applications

Examples of recent applications include:

  • characterisation of therapeutic antibody targets

  • characterisation of the effects of small molecule inhibitors on protein expression and phosphorylation dynamics

  • identification of protein binding partners

  • identification of macrophage cell-surface markers

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