Rheological measurements and expertise

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The colloid group in the Chemistry Department of the University of Oxford provides rheological measurements and expertise to characterise your product for research or industrial purposes.  

The colloid group owns a stress controlled rheometer (AR-G2 from TA instrument) allowing the measurement of the viscosity, the storage and loss moduli and the yield stress of your sample. Our set of geometries allows us to perform such tests on a wide range of fluids such as liquid solutions, dispersions, suspension or gels. We use Peltier systems to work at different temperatures from 0 to 150°C. Rheological measurements provides parameters to characterise your product for research or industrial purposes.

We offer to run and analyse rheological tests as well as providing advice on formulations to comply with rheological requirements. Analysis of data (for modelling or data conversions for instance) can be done using Trios (software developed by TA instrument) or other software.

Example of characteristics that we can determine:

  • Moduli G with stress relaxation as well as G’ and G’’ with oscillatory measurements
  • Viscosity of a sample
  • Yield stress
  • Compliance function

Geometries available:

  • Cones (40mm and 60mm diameter)
  • Parallel plates (60mm diameter)
  • Concentric cylinder with DIN rotor and vane rotor.

Fluids that we can analyse:

  • Liquids
  • Suspensions
  • Emulsions
  • Gels
  • Complex fluids

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