Earth Sciences Sample Preparation Facility

Oxford's Department of Earth Sciences Sample Preparation Facility provides a cutting and polishing service for a variety of samples types.

  • The facility has a range of diamond saws including slow speed precision blade and wire saws.
  • Grinding / polishing machines both fixed and loose abrasive.
  • Precision lapping machines for accurate sample removal
  • A dedicated polishing suite with automatic polishing machines for both aluminium and diamond polishing.
  • Vacuum and pressure impregnation facilities for stabilisation and encapsulation of small/ friable samples with resin prior to processing.

We have experience of producing samples from a wide range of materials including

  • Geological
  • Archaeological (ceramics, bones, building stones)
  • Geographical (soils /sands)
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemical (powders)

Training courses in sample preparation and hire of the facilities are also offered, please enquire for further details.

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