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OUI has created a Social Enterprise support group led by Dr Mark Mann, Innovation Lead for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Social Enterprise support group

If you are thinking of creating a social enterprise, please contact any member of the team for further information.

We can offer you support on:

  • Transforming your research or ideas into a social venture
  • Finding funding to kick-start your idea
  • Building a team to help deliver your idea

Contact details

Dr Mark Mann

Principal Licensing & Ventures Manager

01865 614436

Dr Philippa Christoforou

Licensing & Ventures Manager

01865 280842

Dr Sarah Deakin

Principal Licensing & Ventures Manager

01865 614410

Serena De Nahlik

Licensing & Ventures Manager

01865 614450

Chris Fellingham

Licensing & Ventures Manager

Dr Andy Robertson

Deputy Head of Licensing and Ventures, Physical Sciences

01865 280931

Emilie Syed

Investment Associate

Catherine Spence

Principal Licensing & Ventures Manager, Incubator Lead

01865 280850

Dr Brendan Ludden

Head of Licensing & Ventures, Physical Sciences

01865 614424

Sandra Ainsua Martinez

Assistant Licensing & Ventures Manager

01865 280856


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