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Oxford University’s Strategic Plan articulates the University’s vision, “We will work as one Oxford bringing together our staff, students and alumni, our colleges, faculties, departments and divisions to provide world-class research and education. We will do this in ways which benefit society on a local, regional, national and global scale…”

Oxford University Innovation contributes to the University’s societal benefit by working with staff and students to apply their expertise and research. We have a bold vision:

A world-leading innovation ecosystem with Oxford University at its heart.

And our daily activities are guided by our mission:

As architects of creative solutions, we enable the University community to maximise the global impact of Oxford’s research and expertise.

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Equality, Diversity, & Inclusivity

Oxford University Innovation nurtures a culture that celebrates and embraces diversity, ensuring equality and respect for all. We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to be their authentic selves. Our shared values of integrity, empowerment, and collaboration, allow us to commit to a culture where everyone can thrive, contributing their unique perspectives to our shared success.


Quick facts about Oxford University Innovation

  • £25.1m total revenues in 2021 (£30.8m in 2020)

  • £9.2m returned to Oxford University and its researchers in 2021 (£16.6m in 2020)

  • 31 new companies formed by us, including 6 social enterprises, in 2021 (19 in 2020)

  • 1132 deals in 2021 (846 in 2020)

  • 4455 patents and patent applications on Oxford inventions managed by us (4793 in 2020)


Environmental Sustainability

  • Oxford University Innovation has joined many other departments within Oxford University in the Green Impact scheme, which is operated by the National Union of Students and the Oxford University Environmental Sustainability team
  • Since joining the scheme OUI has received the following awards:
    • 2016: Bronze
    • 2017: Gold
    • 2018: Gold
    • 2019: Gold+, Project of the Year (Roots to Success) & Staff Member of the Year (Phil Priest)
    • 2020: Gold+
    • 2021: Gold+
  • Some of our progress includes:
    • 72% recycling rate
    • LED lighting throughout the building – saving around £10,000 per year
    • Waterless urinals – saving over 300 litres of water a day
    • Planting a tree for every successful Spinout, Startup & Social Enterprise launched

OUI’s carbon ofsetting projects have been formally recognised : Certificate

Green and Clean Technology from Oxford

Many of the projects & patents managed by OUI have had important impact on the improvement of environmental sustainability worldwide, such as:

► Development of a new method of producing H2O instantly from fossil fuels with minimal oxygenated by-products.

Removal and recovery of contaminants like heavy metals from effluent streams and ground wate

► Development of an improved solar concentrator energy system

► Other environmentally focused technologies available for licencing can be found here

Spinouts supported by OUI continue to contribute towards the environmental sustainability, such as:

► Energy management and monitoring – with Pilio

► Improved hot water tank performance – Mixergy




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