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Technology Update, August 2021

26th August 2021

Technology highlights include a web-based app to help identify and articulate your strongest work preferences, a comprehensive oil-water separation application, the latest announcement from Oxford Quantum Circuits to offer a Quant...

Technology Update, March 2021

2nd March 2021

In this edition, we feature an algorithmic testing approach that provides clinicians with accurate information about a patient’s disease profile, real-time ellipsometry analysis of complex materials, and a new type of dual-cha...

Technology Update, October 2020

19th October 2020

Technology highlights include an immunisation method which is highly effective against malaria, a novel photocatalyst that allows the conversion of nitrogen into ammonia under mild conditions, and a radar extension to the Oxford R...

Technology Update, June 2020

8th June 2020

In this edition, we feature a solution for optical memcomputing devices, an online platform that ensures improved data integrity through multiple methodologies, and focus on the Oxford spinout Oxford Quantum Circuits.

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