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Technology Update, June 2020

8th June 2020

In this edition, we feature a solution for optical memcomputing devices, an online platform that ensures improved data integrity through multiple methodologies, and focus on the Oxford spinout Oxford Quantum Circuits.

Technology Update, March 2020

24th March 2020

Technology highlights include a novel electrode support coating that replaces platinum with silver-nanoparticle, processes for next generation nanolithography, and access to the latest Life Sciences and Physical Sciences brochures...

Technology Update, December 2019

3rd December 2019

In this edition, we highlight a new class of glass material with highly tuneable refractive properties, a method for generating 3D coronary arterial trees from retrospective angiographic projections, and a reliable and accurate...

Technology Update, August 2019

30th August 2019

Featuring a wide range of technologies, including a prenatal testing technique for the diagnosis of sickle-cell disease in the foetus, an effective way to convert waste plastic into hydrocarbon fuels, next generation display t...


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