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OUI Central on Little Clarendon Street provides a support hub and drop-in meeting space for even closer engagement with the University, accelerating Innovation and providing a collaborative meeting space.


Oxford University Innovation Ltd,

Unit 1, 55 Little Clarendon St,



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On a daily basis the office provides you access to members of all parts of OUI’s operations including:

–          Licensing and ventures

–          Consultancy services

–          Investments

–          Clinical Outcomes

–          Operations

If you’re looking to commercialise your ideas and don’t know where to start, the team are there to provide 1-to-1 advice and support you along your journey.

Or if you fancy learning about some of the University’s technologies, come in to see our exhibition showcase. This currently focuses on Cleantech!


OUI Central’s primary purpose will be for engagement, and talking with colleagues from the University. Events at OUI Central include:

“Lunch and Learn” sessions:

–          How to complete IP forms

–          What you need to know about Medical Devices (TRO Entrepreneur in residence, Simon Hollingsworth)

–          Intro to Patents / Patenting

–          How to work with big Pharma (TRO Entrepreneur in residence – Simon Hollingsworth)

–          Working with investors (OSE)

–          “Creating impact through consultancy””

–          How to complete IP sections of translation funding application

Incubator sessions

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