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Making a difference by sharing knowledge, expertise and facilities

We facilitate a professional consultancy service which enables Oxford University academics and departments to share their knowledge and facilities with government, industry and the public sector, to drive change and make a direct impact on society.

Our aim is to identify the best resources to respond to client needs and to handle all contractual, financial and administrative aspects of the engagement to ensure its success.

Quotes from our clients and academics 

“I cannot thank you enough for your flexibility, urgency, and support in completing this.” Client – big pharma

I have told him how efficient your service is – wonderful.Client

I have greatly appreciated your immaculate service and unwavering support during the whole of the past period.” Senior academic consulting to engineering company for 10 years

I was sceptical about using [your service] in the past, but you have converted me and now I recommend you to everyone.” Senior academic

I wanted to thank you for moving this ahead so effectively and efficiently. Great job.Client

You are brilliant – thank you.Senior academic consulting to pharma company

“You are always super responsive and loop us into all the communication. We really appreciate the support for our facility.” Facility Manager

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