Translational Activity Support

Translational funding is used to bridge a ‘gap’ in development between early stage university research and its commercialisation.

By using translational funding to develop the opportunity, the risk is reduced for potential commercial partners. This makes the opportunity more attractive and makes a successful outcome more likely. It can be rewarding to see your project start to develop away from its purely academic origins.

If you are interested in applying to external sources of translational funding, please contact both Research Services and Oxford University Innovation. Often we will need to provide a letter of support and/or fill in sections about the commercial plans for the technology. We are better able to help you if you can give us reasonable advance notice of your application so that we have enough time to prepare properly.

Divisional Support

The Medical Sciences Division has a dedicated Translational Research Office (TRO), delivering support to translational research projects ensuring the progression of basic, biomedical and clinical research towards novel therapies, techniques and medical products with therapeutic value. OUI and TRO work closely together on translational projects where the TRO functions to create a pipeline of projects that are ready for IP protection but continues to support translational funding and resources as and when required across the translational development pathway.

The TRO publishes information for Oxford University researchers:

  • Open Funding Opportunities – translational funding calls that are currently OPEN and where the TRO is able to assist in writing compelling grant applications.
  • Internal Translational Funding Opportunities (eg MLSTF and BBSRC IAA) – suitable for early-stage translational projects looking for pump-priming type funds and looking to de-risk their research projects.
  • The Entrepreneur and Experts in Residence Network – established by the TRO to drive innovation and commercialisation of translational projects in the early stages of development.
  • Resources and training material for translational research activity.


Funding Types

Many research funders now have translational programmes and Research Services also maintain information about available awards.

Select an awarding body to find out about available awards:

Other sources of translational funding – awarding bodies
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