BBSRC Super Follow-on Fund

A Follow-On Grant enables researchers who have a sound understanding of the market opportunity for their intellectual assets to execute a defined programme of work of up to two years in length that has clearly defined and complementary technical and business plan development milestones.

BBSRC Super Follow-on Fund

Key points/focus:

Consider BBSRC's strategic priorities before applying. Applications to the full stage of the Super Follow-on-Fund are by invitation only. Projects must be based on a sound understanding of the market need and opportunity that the proposed product, service or technology aims to satisfy, and the proposed work programme must be robust and designed to optimise the commercial and societal benefit derived from the grant. The proposal must follow on from and have a demonstrable link to previous BBSRC funding. Funding areas include:

  • animal disease, health and welfare
  • plants, microbes, food and sustainability
  • genes, development and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) approaches to biology
  • molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology
There is considerable overlap between the above groups.

Other comments:

100% FEC. In addition to fulfilling the standard eligibility criteria, the Principal Investigator (PI) must currently or previously have held BBSRC funding with demonstrable relevance to the application, and must draw substantially on previous research funding by BBSRC and fall within BBSRC's portfolio. Proposed applications are not anticipated to extend research grant funding nor to be applied research for commercial partners. Please check the remit of BBSRC funding before applying.

Applications Procedure:

Applicants should submit an outline application. Full information for applying is available on the BBSRC website and please check the eligibility criteria before preparing your application.



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