Social Ventures

What are Social Ventures?

Social ventures are companies that combine the impact-centric agenda of a charity with the profit generation strategies of a business. How this is achieved differs from company to company.

Fundamental to all social ventures is the concept of complementing the profitability goal at the core of mainstream businesses with an impact mission focused on enacting positive societal, environmental or cultural change.

How OUI does social ventures and what they are.

Common myths around social ventures.


Who we support

OUI is focussed on helping present and former staff, and students at the University of Oxford with their ideas for all forms of business. We also work with a number of partner organisations

across the UK and welcome people from outside of the University to help us build our social ventures together. If you are interested in getting involved in any way click on the links below.

Who qualifies for our support?

Our team

How to get involved

Case Studies

Since launching our support for social ventures in 2018 we have helped ten social ventures incorporate so far. We have another 3 dozen in the pipeline. But what are they and what do they do?

Find out about all the ventures we have supported so far.

Skylark: the business of charity

COVID19 & OxVent – a social venture building ventilators

Fighting Poverty: SOPHIA from International Development

The Story of Oxsed Limited


OUI tries to help coordinate funding for the projects it supports at all stages of development, from the first nucleus of an idea, all the way through to its first investments. If you are a venture we

support, the current opportunities for funding are listed below. If you are interested in funding or investing in the social ventures we support, follow the links below.

Sources of funding for projects

Investment Opportunities



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