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sOPHIa Oxford UK Limited

SOPHIA Oxford enables businesses to incorporate key social indicators into sustainable business practices that improve the impact of their social investments and the lives of their employees.

Find out about the sOPHIa story, how this became OUI’s first social venture, what they have done in Central America, and what their plans for the future are.

Oxsed Limited

Oxsed enables the new normalcy with rapid, accurate and scalable COVID-19 testing.

Find out about the Oxsed story, the motivations of the inventors, and how it became a social venture.

Oxsed was acquired by Prenetics in November 2020. The terms of the deal mean that the diagnostic test will be made available to low- and middle-income countries.

Greater Change C.I.C.

GreaterChange is a nonprofit enterprise that helps individuals become free of homelessness.

Founder Alex McCallion was interviewed in spring 2021 about Greater Change and where it will go next. Find out what he said here.

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Rogue Interrobang Limited

Rogue Interrobang helps people live their best lives, and helps organizations to empower their members to enable those organizations to create a better world. Whether you want a motivational speaker to help your team believe they can create meaningful change in the world; someone to run a workshop to impart invaluable skills;  or someone to help you understand what your organization is missing that will help it not just survive but thrive, Rogue Interrobang can help.

OxVent Limited

Rapidly deployable and scalable low-cost mechanical ventilators specially designed for Covid-19. The OxVent is ideally suited for emergency situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic; low-resource settings, such as in developing countries, and routine procedures requiring general anaesthesia.

Find out more about OxVent’s journey.

The Global Health Research Accelerator C.I.C.

The Global Health Network enables easier, faster, and better research in the world’s most challenging settings.

Founder Trudie Lang talks about the motivation behind The Global Health Network and what she hopes to achieve with the spinout.

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Nature-Based Insetting

The vision at Nature-based Insetting is to apply the latest, cutting-edge scientific research to help organisations set and implement robust evidence-based targets for mitigating and insetting impacts on climate, biodiversity, and society through nature-based solutions. In this way, they support their clients through a just-transition towards genuinely ethical and environmentally sustainable practice, supporting them to play a key role in stabilising the climate, reversing biodiversity loss and getting humanity onto a sustainable trajectory.

Skylark Works Limited

Skylark Works is a purpose-led consultancy providing practical business support to organisations delivering positive social impact in the UK and beyond.

Skykark Works: the Business of Charity

OpenClinical C.I.C.

OpenClinical-based apps support care professionals to practise in compliance with guidelines. Better compliance saves costs and can save lives, but guidelines are complex. OPS manages the complexity. Only pathways for the individual case are presented, along with all valid decision options, and arguments for and against each option. This is “Transparent AI”, and is well accepted by clinicians and carers.


OxLOD Limited

OXLOD was a Linked Data pilot project for the University of Oxford’s Collections. As a spinout, it is now expanding to cover linking all expert data for the benefit of the world.

The 1928 Institute

A not-for-profit for researching and representing British Indians, analysing emerging events in the Indian sub-continent and within its diaspora and providing a platform for dialogue for the diaspora and to disrupt ‘echo chambers’.


OxProx is a public database of the proxy voting records of institutional investors – mutual funds, index funds, pension funds, and others. Improved transparency and comprehensive data will improve investor accountability, voting outcomes, and business practices. Hear founder Ian Robertson talking about OxProx here.


ORBIT provides tools, training & consultancy services for the research community to plan, bid, and implement principles of Responsible Innovation. ORBIT works with the next generation of research leaders across the ICT landscape including, AI, quantum, cyber, green energy, precision agriculture & biomedical sciences.


OxCarbon seeks to promote innovation in climate impact projects that align with the Oxford Offsetting Principles. OxCarbon seeks to create confidence in climate impact projects through a principle-driven approach supported by transparency and scrutiny from the academic peer review community.






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