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The University of Oxford’s intellectual property, including patented technologies, software, copyright, data, designs and know-how is offered for commercial use under licence from Oxford University Innovation.

On average Oxford University Innovation adds more than five new inventions or developments each week to its portfolio.  For companies these technologies provide an opportunity to develop new and improved products, processes or services, and to gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Oxford’s technologies licensed to companies have created many successful products in fields including:

  • medical diagnostics
  • energy efficiency
  • electronic displays
  • medical imaging
  • consumer products
  • scientific software
  • satellite equipment

Oxford University Innovation also assists with marketing selected licensing opportunities from other universities, research institutes and innovative companies from around the world.

We manage hundreds of licences worldwide across all technology sectors and have great experience in negotiating licence agreements appropriate for both the technology and the commercial requirements.

We support licensees through management of the patenting process and monitoring reporting and compliance. In many cases the development of licensed technologies can be supported by further research or consulting from the original inventors and developers. We can sometimes also offer access to proof of concept funding. Research and development by companies is frequently supported with grants or other financial and tax concessions by governments. In the United Kingdom these may include R&D tax credits, grants from the Technology Strategy Board or the UK Patent Box to name just a few.

Companies that have the resources and desire to turn intellectual property into new products can find a wide range of new opportunities among the listed technologies available. Please contact us directly to find out more about any particular technology or sector.

SME Smart IP Scheme

Our SME Smart IP Scheme offers SMEs greater flexibility and improved risk management when accessing intellectual property (IP) originating from Oxford University.

This is achieved via a phased programme to access and use IP on selected Oxford University Innovation projects, allowing SMEs to enter into a two-stage licence that recognises separate development and exploitation activities.

In the first stage, SMEs can enter into the development licence with us to apply their R&D resources and development expertise to turn a scientific technology into a new product design and specification. Our funding is available to help with upfront IP costs related to development licences.

Exploitation may then be undertaken directly by the SME or alternatively via another, possibly larger, venture with greater capabilities in production or marketing and sales. In either case the SME that has invested in the development of the product will earn a share of future revenues. We will also work with SMEs to encourage, and where possible facilitate, access to the many support initiatives available to SMEs.

Investors in IP

If you are an investor looking for opportunities to create a new technology venture or to license IP on behalf of a 3rd party, please look at our investment opportunities.

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