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Our organisation is structured around the services that we offer.

University researchers who wish to commercialise their IP are supported by the Licensing & Ventures team which can assist with licensing and spinout formation, and liaising with technology seekers, investors, and other external parties.

Researchers from across the University who wish to provide academic consultancy or services are supported by the Consulting Services team, which also assists external clients to identify and engage with relevant staff from Oxford.

Investors or donors interested in early-stage ventures are assisted by the Venture Support & Funding team and invited to join the Angels Network. The University’s own investments in past spinouts are managed by the Spinout Equity Management team.

Members and ex-members of the University wanting to start or grow entrepreneur-driven ventures that are not University spinouts may apply to enter the Startup Incubator for support.

Commercial and academic access to Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures developed at the University of Oxford and other institutions is offered by the Clinical Outcomes team.

Governments, business and universities worldwide may access support and know-how for innovation management through Oxentia (now a separate company, formerly known as Isis Enterprise).

Company Structure

Oxford University Innovation is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the University of Oxford, overseen by a board drawn from senior University staff and external members with broad industry experience.

Complaints Procedure

We hope you’ll be pleased with the service you receive from Oxford University Innovation (OUI). If you would like to provide feedback, email enquiries@innovation.ox.ac.uk with ‘Feedback’ in the subject of the message. Or complete our Contact Us Form.

If you have a complaint, please address it to the Interim Chief Executive Officer by email to mairi.gibbs@innovation.ox.ac.uk. If your complaint is about the Interim Chief Executive Officer, please send it to the Head of HR by email to carolyn.hall@innovation.ox.ac.uk and it will be escalated to the Chair of OUI.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint as soon as we can and, at the very latest, within five working days. We will then investigate, to establish what has happened and decide what next steps to take.  We will try to resolve the issue to your satisfaction; if this is not possible, we will explain to you why this is, and what we are able to do instead.

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