Innovations Partnership Scheme (IPS)

To transfer technology and expertise developed through STFC funding to the marketplace in partnership with industry and other academic disciplines. STFC technology or expertise must be integral to the project. The technology or expertise can be developed with STFC funding at UK higher education institutes, STFC laboratories, CERN and ESO.

Innovations Partnership Scheme (IPS)


Key points/focus:

STFC technology or expertise must be integral to the project.

Other comments:

Guidance notes available on STFC website.

Applications Procedure:

Applications must come through the Je-S system.

If the project partner is directly applying for funding, they must also apply through Je-S. If you have not used Je-S before, you will need to register. It can take several weeks to complete the registration process and you are advised to begin this process eight weeks before the proposal deadline.
In addition to a completed proforma, further documentation must be uploaded as separate pdf documents, including:-

  • Six page case for support (Mandatory)
  • One page Gantt chart (Mandatory)
  • Letter of Support from Technology Transfer Office (Mandatory)
  • Letter of Support from Project Partner (Mandatory)
  • Letters of Support from organisations interested in the project (Recommended)
  • Covering Letter (Optional)

All documentation must be submitted by the closing date. No extra information that arrives after this date will be accepted. Any additional documents such as CVs, extra results, pathways to impact statements, list of publications etc. will be removed and not sent for review.
See guidance notes.

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