Infections and Immunity Research Board (IIB)

Infections and Immunity Research Board; Basic, clinical and translational research applied to infectious human disease and disorders of the human immune system. Priorities include accelerating vaccines research, advancing understanding of human immunology, public health infections, microbiology and antimicrobial resistance, and global health partnerships.

Infections and Immunity Research Board

Key points/focus:

IIB is responsible for the MRC's programmes and funding in:

  • Virology, bacteriology and parasitology of human pathogens, zoonoses, model infectious agents and vectors of infectious agents
  • Human immunology including studies in humans and informative models
  • Molecular, cellular and systems research into mechanisms of susceptibility, immunity, inflammation, immune tolerance and rejection, pathogenesis, resistance and physiology
  • Discovery research and early stage development of diagnostics, vaccines, immunotherapeutics and vaccines in vitro, including structural biology, animal models and early studies in humans
  • Population-level research, using mathematical, epidemiological, genetic and genomic designs, to elucidate disease risks, aetiologies and progression, and to understand the evolution of pathogen populations
  • Research to inform novel strategies for preventing and controlling infectious and immune disease control, including research on human behaviour and lifestyle
  • Global infections

Applications Procedure:

All applicants are required to select the generic Research Board Submissions Call (e.g. Research Boards Jan/Feb 2014 Submissions) during the process of creating their ‘New Document’ within the Je-S System.

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