Supergen Fuel Cells Challenge Call

Supergen Fuel Cells Challenge – Collaborative research projects to undertake fundamental research to underpin the development of Fuel Cell technologies, and to address the key research challenges that underpin the deployment of Fuel Cell Technologies.  These areas are:

  • Degradation and Failure

  • Electrodes and Interfaces

  • Fuel Flexibility

  • Sensors and Diagnostics


Key points/focus:

Proposals should address a single area out of the following four, indicating clearly which area is being addressed:-   1.Degradation and Failure

  • Understanding degradation mechanisms in fuel cell electrodes and at interfaces. Emphasise understanding degradation mechanisms in existing fuel cell material systems.
  • Development of new tools and techniques to enable accelerated testing of fuel cell materials and devices.
2. Electrodes and Interfaces
  • Development of novel materials, microstructures, and/or fabrication methods for the production of fuel cell electrodes and/or engineered interfaces
  • Improved understanding of the relationship between the design, fabrication and performance of fuel cell electrodes.
3. Fuel Flexibility
  • Enhancing the ability of fuel cell systems to utilise a wider range of fuel compositions
  • Increased tolerance to impurities through improved electrode materials, catalysts and structures, or the development of guard materials, and/or the development of regeneration methods.
4. Sensors and Diagnostics
  • Improved sensors and diagnostics for the in situ monitoring of the performance and/or state of health of fuel cell components and systems.
  • Development of control and monitoring systems for diagnosis, prognosis and parameter estimation of fuel cell components and systems.

Other comments:

Total pot of £5M, to split between 3 to 5 projects.  The institutions involved in the successful proposals will be expected to become members of the Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hub.  Proposals focusing exclusively on fundamental chemistry, materials science research, Biological Fuel Cells and related topics are excluded from this call.

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