Populations and Systems Medicines Board

Populations and Systems Medicines Board (PSMB) wishes to encourage high-quality proposals in translational and clinical research, especially in:

  • musculoskeletal research

  • respiratory medicine

  • integrative physiology

  • population health sciences

Population and Systems Medicines Board 

Key points/focus:

Funds work on function and pathophysiology, and prevention or treatment of deterioration or illness, in all the major organ systems (except the brain), including:

  • cardiovascular
  • musculoskeletal
  • gastrointestinal
  • respiratory
  • endocrine
  • reproductive
  • nutrition, energy metabolism, obesity
  • diabetes
  • ageing and lifelong health
  • maternal health and the early origins of health and disease
  • medical sociology
  • trauma, acute medicine and surgery
  • lifestyle, socio-economic and behavioural impacts on general health and health inequalities

Other comments:

PSMB wishes to encourage high-quality proposals in translational and clinical research, especially in: musculoskeletal research – in particular research into the maintenance of musculoskeletal health, especially where such research could underpin the development of new diagnostic approaches respiratory medicine – in particular research into:

  • the mechanisms of chronic inflammatory lung disease
  • the early origins of lung disease
  • the aetiology of disease
  • the biological basis for the observed variation in disease progression
integrative physiology – PSMB has a longstanding interest in research at the levels of organs, systems and whole animals with the aim to help promote understanding of normal function and the physiology of disease, In an effort to consolidate and strengthen integrative physiology research in the UK, the MRC co-sponsored a joint workshop with the Wellcome Trust and, more recently, contributed to a major capacity building initiative in partnership with industry, the funding councils, and others. population health sciences – population-based studies into
  • the aetiology of disease
  • traditional epidemiology
  • social and behavioural medicine
PSMB plays a leading role in supporting most aspects of experimental medicine and clinical research.

Applications Procedure:

Please note that all applicants are required to select the generic Research Board Submissions Call (e.g. Research Boards Jan/Feb 2014 Submissions) during the process of creating their ‘New Document’ within the Je-S System.

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