BBSRC Agri-Tech Catalyst

Purpose: To help make the UK a world leader in agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability.

The Department for International Development is contributing £10M to the Catalyst, to support the transfer of technology and new products to developing countries.

BBSRC Agri-Tech Catalyst

Key points/focus:

The Agri-Tech Catalyst aims to support businesses and academia in developing innovative solutions to challenges in the agri-tech sector, and will fund proposals relating to:

  • primary crop and livestock production, including aquaculture
  • non-food uses of arable crops (for example, for biomass)
  • food security and nutrition challenges in international development
  • challenges in downstream food processing, provided the solution lies in primary production

The Agri-Tech Catalyst will not fund equine-related proposals, or proposals relating to forestry or wild-capture fisheries.

With two competitions per year, the Agri-Tech Catalyst will award grants for early-stage pre-industrial research feasibility studies, industrial research, and late-stage pre-experimental feasibility studies and experimental development.

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