Health Innovation Challenge Fund

Parallel funding partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Health to stimulate the creation of innovative healthcare products, technologies and interventions, and to facilitate their development for the benefit of patients in the NHS and beyond.

Health Innovation Challenge Fund

Key points/focus:


  • stimulate the development and uptake of innovative products, technologies and interventions for the benefit of patients in the NHS and other healthcare systems and to accelerate the clinical application of projects that are well advanced along the development pathway
  • support UK-led projects that target unmet, or poorly met, healthcare needs
  • provide translational funding for projects that have demonstrated proof of principle and have the potential for clinical use or adoption within five years
  • take the product, technology or intervention to a stage at which it is sufficiently developed to be attractive to follow-on funders or investors
  • encourage the collaboration of companies, academia and clinicians to better confront today's healthcare challenges

Other comments:

All applications are judged purely on merit, and there are no funding quotas set for the individual themes. For more detail on IP commercialisation obligations, see the Wellcome Trust website (chapter 9 in "Funding Agreements for Not-For-Profit Organisations" under "Forms and Guidance" tab). Full details of Wellcome Trust policy on IP are also available.

Applications Procedure:

See Health Innovation Challenge Fund website.

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