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Since 1987, Oxford University Innovation has been responsible for creating spinout companies based on academic research generated within and owned by the University of Oxford, and in recent years has spun out 15-20 new companies every year.

Over £2.5bn in external investment has been raised by Oxford University Innovation spinouts since 2010, and ten of our current portfolio are currently listed in London and New York.

The creation of new spinout companies, most of which are listed below, also channels millions of pounds back into University research, benefits local economic development and has created many new jobs in the region.

GryeOx addresses significant unmet need in drug discovery as the IP can make expanded drug libra of macrocycles in the hit to lead stage.

Incorporated in July 2019

Origin: Oxford University

Intelligent Ultrasound develops and sells products and services that make medical ultrasound imaging a more effective diagnostic tool and help hospitals provide a better quality, more consistent ultrasound imaging service for their patients.

Incorporated in July 2012

Origin: Oxford University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Developing a novel cancer immunotherapy discovered through a collaboration between Ludwig Cancer Research and Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo, the director of the MRC Human Immunology Unit within the University of Oxford’s Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Incorporated in July 2015

Origin: Oxford University, Radcliffe Department of Medicine

A biotechnology company formed to research and develop novel medicines from natural sources for the treatment of immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases.

Incorporated in November 2010

Origin: Oxford University, Department of Surgical Sciences

Work with major marketing insights companies in order to develop their marketing products.

Incorporated in December 2020

Origin: Oxford University, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

State-of-the-art machine learning technology for autonomous vehicles and traffic modeling applications. Latent Logic was acquired by Waymo in December 2019.

Incorporated in February 2018

Origin: Oxford University, Computer Science

Contact: Adrian Coles

LiliumX uses a unique protein technology platform to facilitate scalable discovery of first-in-class bispecific biologics

Incorporated in May 2021

Origin: Oxford University, Biochemistry

DNA assembly.

Incorporated in July 2019

Origin: Oxford University

Navetas is a UK based technology company delivering cloud-based energy monitoring and smart data analytics for the connected home.

Incorporated in November 2008

Origin: Oxford University, Department of Engineering Science

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