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Since 1987, Oxford University Innovation has been responsible for creating spinout companies based on academic research generated within and owned by the University of Oxford, and in recent years has spun out 15-20 new companies every year.

Over £2.5bn in external investment has been raised by Oxford University Innovation spinouts since 2010, and ten of our current portfolio are currently listed in London and New York.

The creation of new spinout companies, most of which are listed below, also channels millions of pounds back into University research, benefits local economic development and has created many new jobs in the region.

Specialise in applying state-of-the-art mass spectrometry platforms to characterising intact protein assemblies, often referred to as native mass spectrometry.

Incorporated in March 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Chemistry

Image analysis.

Incorporated in December 1999

Origin: Oxford University, Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology

Open Clinical aims to create a publicly available resource to benefit clinicians and patients.

Incorporated in August 2020

Origin: Oxford University, Engineering

Promote a culture of responsible research and innovation in information and communications technology and other areas of technology, research and innovation through its support for, continuation and expansion of the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation project.

Incorporated in January 2021

Origin: Oxford University, Computer Science

The OrganOx metra is the first and only fully automated normothermic liver perfusion device for improved organ preservation. The OrganOx pipeline products will extend the use of their core technology to the preservation of other organs.

Incorporated in November 2008

Origin: Oxford University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering/Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences

Researches, designs and will market diagnostic tests for the measurement of clinical bio markers that reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Incorporated in June 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Chemistry

To provide data curation and maintenance services to commercial entities involved in carbon offset markets.

Incorporated in October 2021

Origin: Oxford University, Geography

To optimise the catalyst performance and highlight the advantages of a catalyst to create green fuel for the aviation sector through carbon capture.

Incorporated in August 2021

Origin: Oxford University, Chemistry

OxCept is a team of security and communication experts creating military-grade authentication security products for business teams.

Incorporated in January 2014

Origin: Oxford University, Department of Computer Science

Oxford Digital Innovation encompasses three different products. Two of them are online health records platform which aim to integrate NHS data (Zygote – IVF platform – and Simba – maternity platform). The 3rd platform is a virtual hospital which is aimed at scheduling appointments for patients and enable online consultations in specific specialisations, starting with eye care, skin care, pathology and dental medicine.

Incorporated in August 2020

Origin: Oxford University, Nuffield Dept of Women's and Reproductive Health

To develop and commercialise a rapid non-lab based diagnostic test for viral infections, with the first focus on Covid19.

Incorporated in December 2021

Origin: Oxford University, Physics

Development of a platform for the standardisation of assetments to facility language, reading and arithmetic skills in children.

Incorporated in April 2020

Origin: Oxford University, Education

Revolutionary healthcare technology that measures medical vital signs without physical contact.

Incorporated in August 2012

Origin: Oxford University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering

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