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Since 1997, Oxford University Innovation has been responsible for creating spinout companies based on academic research generated within and owned by the University of Oxford, and has spun out a new company every two months on average.

Over £2.1bn in external investment has been raised by Oxford University Innovation spinouts since 2010, and eleven are currently listed in London and New York.

The creation of new spinout companies, most of which are listed below, also channels millions of pounds back into University research, benefits local economic development and has created many new jobs in the region.

Researches, designs and will market diagnostic tests for the measurement of clinical bio markers that reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Incorporated in June 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Chemistry

Ion traps based quantum computing.

Incorporated in April 2019

Origin: Oxford University, Physics

Oxford Medical Diagnostics develops and supplies breath analysis technologies for rapid, accurate, and low-cost monitoring of diseases and metabolic functions.

Incorporated in June 2004

Origin: Oxford University, Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Development and application of bacterial biosensors for detection and quantification of environmental contamination, including organics and metals, on-site and in real-time.

Incorporated in August 2018

Origin: Oxford University, Engineering

Contact: Andy Robertson

Develops and manufacturers multispectral digital scanners based upon a patented flatbed scanner design.

Incorporated in September 2011

Origin: Oxford University, Department of Classics

Oxford Nanoimaging’s microscope, the Nanoimager, is a single-molecule fluorescence microscope.
It is about 30 times smaller and significantly less expensive than current super-resolution microscopes and will be manufactured in the UK.

Incorporated in May 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Physics

Oxford Nanopore Technologies is developing and commercialising a new generation of nanopore-based electronic systems for analysis of single molecules, including DNA, RNA and proteins.

Incorporated in May 2005

Origin: Oxford University, Department of Chemistry

Developing superconducting circuit quantum computing.

Incorporated in June 2017

Origin: Oxford University, Physics

Oxford Risk is the market-leading provider of customer risk profilers. Their products reveal the level of risk customers are willing and able to take with their financial investments.

Incorporated in November 2002

Origin: Oxford University, Nuffield Department of Population Health

Catalyst production and processes for upgrading pyrolysis oil to high octane gasoline.

Incorporated in January 2018

Origin: Oxford University, Chemistry

Contact: Jamie Ferguson

Cellular immunity vaccines.

Incorporated in September 2012

Origin: Oxford University, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine

Virtual Reality software to help treat people with severe paranoia by allowing them to face situations that they fear.

Incorporated in December 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Psychiatry

Custom made helmet using 3D printing.

Incorporated in June 2018

Origin: Oxford University, Engineering


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