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Oxford University’s overarching Strategic Plan begins, “The University of Oxford aims to lead the world in research and education” immediately followed by, “We seek to do this in ways which benefit society on a national and a global scale.”

Oxford University Innovation helps staff and students to apply their expertise and research for wider social and economic benefit. Our role is to help University staff and students bring the benefits of their research and expertise to create impact in wider society.

We support Oxford’s researchers, staff and students, offering commercial skills and a range of specialist resources in order to maximise research impact. Income is shared with those involved according to the University’s Regulations, and profits from commercialisation are returned to the University for the benefit of future generations.

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Quick facts about Oxford University Innovation

  • £24.6m total revenues in 2015 (£14.5m in 2014)

  • £13.6m returned to Oxford University and its researchers in 2015 (£6.7 in 2014)

  • 5 spin-outs created by us in 2015 (8 in 2014)

  • 40 start-ups admitted to the Startup Incubator, 5 incorporated in 2015

  • 529 deals in 2015 (75 technology licenses, 454 consulting deals; 503 total in 2014)

  • 2686 days of innovation consultancy delivered by Isis Enterprise consultants, in 29 countries (1884 days in 2014)

  • 2490 patents and patent applications on Oxford inventions managed by us (2333 in 2014)

  • £25m translational research funding won by Oxford researchers with our direct support (£19m in 2014)

  • We changed our name in June 2016, having previously been called Isis Innovation Ltd.


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