Dr Mathew Box

Matt graduated top of his class in Biology from Imperial College, London and subsequently completed a PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics at Cambridge University. Following this he held postdoctoral researcher positions at flagship research institutes including the John Innes Centre in Norwich, Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge, and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre in St. Louis, USA. His research focused on the identification of novel gene targets for industry-led crop improvement programs, leveraging the latest advances in next generation sequencing, high-throughput automation, and functional genomics technologies to enhance crop performance. Through this work he has developed an extensive network of agritech contacts in Europe and the Americas. During the course of his research career Matt has actively engaged in the commercialisation of science, most recently through his work as an academic consultant for the BALSA group in St. Louis, USA. This position allowed him to gain experience evaluating new inventions from academic laboratories, conducting market research, and analysing business development plans for new start-ups. Matt recently joined OE in February 2016.


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