Oxford University Innovation organises events for the benefit of all our stakeholders, providing opportunities to introduce technologies and investment opportunities, and to inform and train individuals working with us.

We participate extensively in events organised by Oxford University and other organisations, and welcome invitations to contribute to relevant events.

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So you want to develop an app or mobile solution?!

26th September 2018 - 9/26/18 1:00 pm. Venue: Oxford University Innovation, Buxton Court, 3 West Way, Oxford OX2 0JB
Organisers: Startup Incubator

A brief walkthrough on how to go from an initial idea to a developed solution. Paul Swaddle, Co-founder, PocketApp, will cover predesign workshops, app design, prototyping, proof of c...

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Healthcare Technologies of the Future

27th September 2018 - 6/22/18 10:00 am. Venue: Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre, Worcester College, Oxford
Organisers: Oxford University Innovation | Partner | University

With technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and technological advances in genomics and gene modification, as well as synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and improved access to treatment through digital tech...

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