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Since 1997, Oxford University Innovation has been responsible for creating spinout companies based on academic research generated within and owned by the University of Oxford, and has spun out a new company every two months on average.

Over £266 million in external investment has been raised by Oxford University Innovation spinouts since 2000, and five are currently listed on London’s AIM market.

The creation of new spinout companies, most of which are listed below, also channels millions of pounds back into University research, benefits local economic development and has created many new jobs in the region.


Developing superconducting circuit quantum computing.

Incorporated in June 2017

Origin: Oxford University, Physics

Maritime trade and transport simulation.

Incorporated in February 2017

Origin: Oxford University, Geography, Maths, Computer Sciences, Engineering

Contact: Paul Ashley


Virtual Reality software to help treat people with severe paranoia by allowing them to face situations that they fear.

Incorporated in December 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Psychiatry

Circadian Therapeutics identify and bring to market pharmaceutical and diagnostic platforms for the effective management of physiological and pathological conditions through their ability to modify the body's circadian rhythms.

Incorporated in September 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Ophthalmology

The OxSight ‘SmartSpecs’ help sight impaired and blind people to navigate independently, avoid collisions and see in the dark.

Incorporated in June 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Neuroscience

Researches, designs and will market diagnostic tests for the measurement of clinical bio markers that reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

Incorporated in June 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Chemistry

Oxford Nanoimaging’s microscope, the Nanoimager, is a single-molecule fluorescence microscope.
It is about 30 times smaller and significantly less expensive than current super-resolution microscopes and will be manufactured in the UK.

Incorporated in May 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Physics

EvOx Therapeutics harnesses the body’s own precision communications system to deliver drugs to specific parts of the body, with the aim of treating conditions which are currently untreatable including those affecting the brain, as well as autoimmune diseases and cancers.

Incorporated in April 2016

Origin: Oxford University, Neuroscience


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