Karin Immergluck

Karin Immergluck is the Associate Vice Provost leading the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) at Stanford University. The OTL comprises an internationally renowned team of professionals responsible for managing all aspects of Stanford’s intellectual property portfolio, including IP protection, marketing and business development, industry research contracting, strategic alliance management, and licensing to new Stanford startups as well as established companies. The OTL has also launched its new High Impact Technology (HIT) Program to fund and mentor translational and proof of concept projects.

Prior to joining Stanford five years ago, Karin spent 17 years working in technology transfer within the University of California system, ultimately leading the UCSF Office of Technology Management as Executive Director. Karin is also an active participant in TenU, a trans-Atlantic tech transfer consortium, and serves as a non-executive Board member of Edinburgh Innovations. She also serves as a Board member of the non-profit Academic Venture Exchange, which facilitates matchmaking between entrepreneurial university inventors and seasoned entrepreneurs who have experience leading nascent startups. Karin received both her PhD in Developmental Molecular Genetics, under the combined tutelage of Dr. J. Michael Bishop (UCSF) and Dr. Ernst Hafen (now at ETH Zurich), and her MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

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