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Language Scientific, Inc. is a US-based globalization company specializing in clinical, medical, scientific and technical language and linguistic validation services and solutions with a record of more than 20 years of excellence in over 215 languages. Language Scientific serves more than 1,500 clients in the pharmaceutical, clinical, and medical device industries, from Fortune 500 companies to small emerging companies. Their specialization, focus, innovation and customer-centered attitude have earned them the trust of many of the world’s leading life sciences companies.

Language Scientific’s experienced project managers, certified translators, in-country investigators, clinicians, psychologists, linguists and other professionals, combined with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified processes, ensure that the linguistic validation of COAs and eCOAs are both culturally appropriate and conceptually equivalent. Language Scientific’s Linguistic Validation services verify that translations of all items are interpreted in the same way across target populations and regions and have the same content validity. This ensures that measurement properties of the items will be the same across different language versions of the instrument and that data can be validly pooled across international sites and that the process will meet FDA and EMEA guidelines.

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