Dr Chandra Sekar Ramanujan

Dr Chandra Sekar Ramanujan is a Senior Licensing and Ventures manager at OUI. He manages a portfolio of projects from the Materials, Engineering Science and Chemistry Departments that have an intersection with the Life Sciences.

Recently he has led spinout projects including Oxford Brain Diagnostics, Hexr and Oxford HighQ.

Prior to joining OUI, Chandra was the Senior NTT Bionanoscience Research Fellow at Oxford University, working in with Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Basic Research Laboratories in Japan on research which generated papers and patents in biotechnology and atomic force microscopy. Chandra previously worked in the electronics sector leading teams of engineers, technicians and production operators in projects spanning Industrial R&D, Product Engineering and Manufacturing in the electronics sector. Chandra did his DPhil in the Oxford Materials Department with Professor Sir John Pethica. He also has a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

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