Simon Warner

Simon has over twenty-five years’ experience in commercial Biotechnology in various roles, raising venture capital, securing strategic partners and philanthropic funding sources. He joined Oxford University Innovation in 2021 as Head of Licensing and Ventures, Life Sciences. Previous career highlights have included the successful sale of Oxitec, a spin-out from the University of Oxford, where he was CSO, leading the development of pioneering insect control in public health and agriculture. Oxitec was purchased by synthetic biology specialist, Intrexon in 2015 for $160m, and following the sale Simon led further initiatives securing funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the control of mosquitoes that transmit Malaria and with Bayer to control devastating crop insect pests. Simon worked for Syngenta for over a decade and had roles based in California, North Carolina, and the UK, where he innovated in crop biotechnology and was responsible for developing agricultural products sold today.  At Syngenta, he had a role in technology, strategy and innovation, monetising IP assets in return for cash or equity in start-ups for Syngenta and in-licensing IP rights to support future commercial products. Simon has a Biochemistry degree from University College London and a PhD in plant molecular biology from the University of Leicester.

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