Clinical Positioning Network

An Oxford-based network of scientists and clinicians designed to partner with commercial organisations, and accelerate the clinical development and positioning of novel cancer diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.The Clinical Positioning Network provides support to organisations who are seeking advice on the following issues:

  • What are the key studies that  should be prioritised in order to overcome regulatory hurdles and get a novel compound/combination into the clinic?
  • What are the different diseases, indications or clinical settings that the asset might be applied to?
  • How can early phase clinical studies be better designed to ensure better decision-making during further clinical development?
  • What companion diagnostics (histopathology, genetic, ctDNA) will complement  clinical studies based on its mechanism of action?

A typical consultancy

A consultancy would typically consist of a 1.5 to 2 hour meeting with a CPN consultant to discuss the preclinical development of an asset comprising:

  • A ≈45 minute overview by the client who would provide including pre-clinical and clinical data, would discuss how they are  protecting their IP position, their benefits over their competitors, their current plans, and specific questions they have.
  • A ≈30 minute round table discussion where the CPN panel will probe further and share initial thoughts.

A report summarising the CPN feedback and a suggested roadmap for the client’s assets will be sent within 3 weeks of the meeting.

Support provided

The Consulting Services team will provide full contractual support for these consultancies.

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