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Articles and opinion pieces from Oxford University Innovation published on this site and elsewhere, sharing knowledge and experience from decades of Technology Transfer, are listed here.

Oxford’s upward momentum

6th April 2017

OUI’s CEO Matt Perkins reflects on the TTO’s strongest year to date.  

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Academics to the rescue: University innovation and venturing surges ahead in 2016

7th March 2017

In the shadow of Brexit, overall investment activity into startups has dropped in 2016, yet high-tech companies based on university research have bucked the trend. Oxford University Innovation’s Richard Reschen examines what is driving the bullish enthusiasm for these spinouts.

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Internationalising your university – 10 key questions for new ventures

3rd November 2016

By Kevin Dunseath & Chris Hall Isis Enterprise, Oxford University Innovation Ltd.  A full version of the article published by Times Higher Education 

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University led International Technology Transfer

10th March 2016

The framework for transferring technologies from academic institutions continues to adapt and evolve. The translation of new discoveries and inventions into innovative products, services or processes is highly rewarding and can generate significant economic impacts and societal benefits. Dr Rakesh Roshan discusses trends in international technology transfer.

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Streamlining negotiations with Chinese partners

8th March 2016

Dr David Baghurst, Managing Director of Oxford University Innovation (Hong Kong) explains why it's important to expose Chinese internal markets, products and services to a growing technology service in order to develop a Chinese strategy.

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Taking a leap towards the quantum future

9th February 2016

Dr Rakesh Roshan, Deputy Head of Technology Transfer talks about the promise of quantum computing: The UK government recently committed a £270 million investment in the UK National Quantum Technology Programme. Governments in Holland, Singapore and Australia are also providing large budgets for quantum computing programmes. Google, IBM and Microsoft have quietly been working on the basic building blocks of quantum computers. But does the UK have the capacity to lead in a new era of commercial quantum computing?

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Dowling – the real issues and the future

17th December 2015

The Technology Transfer Offices of Edinburgh, Imperial, Manchester, Oxford and UCL have collaborated to produce a briefing paper, "Dowling - the real issues and the future". The document explains how TTOs will respond to the recommendations expressed in Professor Ann Dowling's 'Review of Business-University Research Collaborations' and the need for action from organisations in the UK innovation community.

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Golden Shares & Anti-dilution Provisions

15th June 2015

Tom Hockaday (CEO, Oxford University Innovation Ltd) and Tony Hickson (Managing Director Technology Transfer, Imperial Innovations plc) discuss universities holding 'golden shares' in their spin-outs, and reiterate concerns that, in practice, no special provisions would survive further rounds of investment.

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Top tips to market innovative materials

2nd June 2015

Published in Materials World. Commercialising innovative materials is usually a long journey, punctuated with roadblocks, detours and delays. Dr Richard Holliday offers some personal perspectives on how developers, including university spinouts and early-stage companies, can improve their chances.    

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Intellectual Property Valorisation as a driver for Economic Growth in Europe

5th May 2015

Elena Andonova of Isis Enterprise presented the University of Oxford’s model for commercialisation of intellectual property rights during the International Conference on Intellectual Property and beyond, which took place in Riga in March 2015. Here she shares some of the views and conclusions from the conference and discusses some of the remaining issues that need tacking so that the transformation from IP to market is better understood and better employed.

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