Cross-strain HIV therapeutic vaccine for all geographical regions

Image from Licence Details: Cross-strain HIV therapeutic vaccine for all geographical regions

Applications: HIV therapeutic or prophylactic vaccine

A series of chimeric immunogenic polypeptides developed based on the HIVconsv methodology, capable of inducing robust, effective and cross-strain immunity to HIV, is available and tested in clinical trials.

Features Benefits
  • First-generation HIVconsvX conserved vaccines delivered by simian adenovirus ChAdV63 and poxvirus MVA showed high immunogenicity across 8 trials in UK, EU and Africa.
  • Wealth of clinical data and knowledge in the development of HIV cross-strain vaccines.
  • Successfully elicit protective potential of killer T cells targeting regions in HIVconsvX.
  • Second-generation tHIVconsvX with conserved protein regions common to global variants delivered by simian adenovirus ChAdOx1 and poxvirus MVA are being tested in a heterologous prime-boost regimen.
  • HIVconsvX vaccine with maximum HIV epitope match that protect against all HIV escape variants.
  • ChAdOx1, a platform used in the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine for SARS-CoV2, a licensed and proven effective vaccine.
  • Immunogen delivery applicable to other vaccine platforms e.g. RNA
  • Viable vaccine modalities for effective therapeutic or prophylactic use.

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