A low-cost system for green hydrogen production from water

Image from Licence Details: A low-cost system for green hydrogen production from water

Applications: Fuel cells and power systems, automotive, industrial gases, chemical synthesis

Features Benefits
  • A system for the production and storage of hydrogen on demand from water
  • Engineered for low-cost, environmentally friendly hydrogen production
  • Activated silicon nano-powder converts water into hydrogen gas
  • Safe chemical feedstocks and abundant hydrogen source (water)
  • Activated silicon forms a highly active dispersion
  • High yield of hydrogen (>90%)
  • Activation enables use of cheaper, low-grade silicon
  • Capable of hydrogen generation at low temperatures (70°C)
  • Functions within fuel cell operating range
  • Uses non-corrosive ‘sand’ chemicals
  • Simplified handling and waste management
  • Scalable process
  • Can be engineered into a range of power systems

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