New RH5-based malaria prophylaxis with stronger infection inhibition

Image from Licence Details: New RH5-based malaria prophylaxis with stronger infection inhibition

Figure (above) taken from Alanine et al., 2019

Applications: Malaria vaccine design, biologics, antimalarial drug development

RH5 is the leading target for blood-stage malaria vaccines. Now, human mAbs have been isolated and studied for the first time, providing strategies for biologics development, vaccine design and seasonal prophylactic use.

Features Benefits
  • Identification of neutralising (blue) and non-neutralising (green) mAbs that together bind RH5 to synergistically inhibit merozoite (MZ) invasion of red blood cells (RBC)
  • Facilitate structure-guided prophylaxis and biologics development to maximize antibody efficacy against blood-stage malaria
  • Potentiation of neutralising antibodies by non-neutralising antibodies
  • Antimalarial antibody combinations that neutralise merozoites with a higher potency than ever before
  • Uses human antibodies
  • Better for human drug development than animal-derived antibodies
  • Multiple, distinct neutralising binding sites identified
  • Increased targeting to enhance neutralisation

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